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Раздел «Real Vampires»

Краткое содержание раздела «Real Vampires».

В данном разделе будет составлено содержание* раздела «Real Vampires» нашей Библиотеки.

- Methods of Withdrawal
- Am I a Vampire?
- Are Vampires Mortal Humans?
- Awakening help service!
- Why did you become a Donor?
- I Can't Get Blood
- The Eros (Sexual) Vampire
- Info On The Nutritional Value Of Blood
- Blood Safety
- Stages Of The Need, By Jarryd
- UK Criminal Law and the Modern Vampire
- Awakening and Transitioning DarkFess
- #VVC Discussion Log - 2006-08-05
- The Essence of the Vampire
- Blood and Psy Vamps: Not So Different, After All...
- The Blood and the Life
- Genetic Biochemical Interaction Theory
- Real Vampires
- Realization
- Red, Red Wine -- The Modern Vampire
- Some Thoughts Regarding Vampires
- Turning, Awakening & Sympathetic Vampirism
- The Vampire Speaks
- Vampire Traits
- Vampires: The Truth Behind the Legend
- Animal Hunting
- Beating the Blood Addiction
- Blood Craving: A Glimpse of What It's Like
- Blood: How Much is Too Much?
- Bloodletting and the Law
- But I Don't WANT to be Vampyre! (Reconsidering Vampyrism)
- Controlling the Beast or the Blood-Lust
- Drawing Veinous Blood
- Finding Substitutes
- Fire Cupping Technique for Blood Feeding
- Getting Blood from a Steak
- HemoSynth
- The Hunger: It's Causes and Dealing with It
- Hypothesis on Vampirism
- Matching the Donor to the Vampire
- New Scientific Perspective on "Blood Drinkers"
- On Methods of Blood-Letting
- Safer Feeding Techniques
- Sanguinary Safety
- Tips for Finding a Donor
- Vampyres: Blood Safety and Feeding
- Venipuncture
- Advice to the Newly Awakened
- The Basics of Food Allergies
- Coping with Fatigue
- Dealing with Migraines
- Diet -- Stomach Troubles
- The Effects of Extended Non-Feeding
- Enabling in the Vampire Community
- The Four Stages of Dealing with One's Vampirism
- Guilt
- Maintaining Good Health
- Paradigm Shift
- Some Information on Depression
- Vampiric Aging Conference #1 Transcript
- Vampyric Aging (Or "Where goeth thou, beauteous stranger?")
- A Meditation for Spiritual Cleansing
- A Theory on Magick
- Addressing Psy-Vamps and Bi-Polar Disorder
- Alternative Methods for Psychic Self-Defense
- Astral Vampires & Dreamwalking
- The Basics of Shielding: A Visual Approach
- Dynamic Energy Exchange
- Emotional Vampirism
- Empathy
- Energy Flows & Tentacle Monsters
- The Ethics of Psi-Vampirism
- On Psychic Vampirism
- Overview of Shielding Techniques
- Psychic Vampires and Dreamwalking
- Reality or Something Like It
- Shielding 101 DarkFess
- Shields DarkFess
- The Truth About Magick
- Understanding Energy, a Journey
- What is a Psi Vampire?
- Definition of a Cult
- Doctrines and Beliefs, Oh My!
- Mystical Vampirism
- Neovampyrism
- Aftercare for Donors
- Choosing and Working with Donors
- The Donor Bill of Rights
- Donor Courtesy
- Donor-Vamp Relations
- Donoring
- Donors & Vampires: My Advice to You
- Donors' and Vampires' Guide to Negotiations
- The Responsibility of a Vampire
- Some Questions and Answers About Being a Donor
- Tips for Donors
- Vampire-to-Donor Disease Risks
- Vampyres and Donors: A Symbiotic Relationship
- An Open Letter to Any Who Would Wish to Become a Vampire
- Confusion, or: Am I a Vampire?
- Embrace Me, Said the Maiden
- Generations, Bloodlines and Clans
- Turning or Awakening?
- Vampirism: Differentiating Facts from Fakes
- What It's Like to Be a Vampire
- A Discussion of Sang and Psi Vampires
- 'A Rose By any Other Name'; or, The Case For A New Name For Real Vamps
- Alone in Your Area?
- A Vampire Manifesto (Sort Of)
- Ahh...Damned Hunters. Here Are Some Tips!
- The Buffy Complex
- Coming Out
- Dealing with Inflammatory Letters
- The Dilemma Over Awakening Teens
- Ethical Principles for the Vampire Community
- Fighting Misinformation
- Flying Fangs-First into the Future
- Leaders, Founders, Unity, Affiliations & Order
- "Mis-Information and People Who Don't Know
- My Personal Thoughts on Eldership
- Negotiating the Vampire: Conflict Resolution in a Usenet Newsgroup
- On 'Vampiric Rape' and Prey, Part 1-5
- Online Predators
- Our Paths and Our Communities
- The Pros and Cons of Declaring Ourselves to the World
- RK's Primer to Vampirism and the Vampire's World
- Real Vampires; or, A Rose is a Rose
- Regarding A Statement to the Community at Large
- Solitary Vampyres; or, How to Live Incognito in Unfriendly Territory
- The Vampire Community
- What is a Vampire?
- The Donor Bill of Rights
- Vampire Community Leaders Discussion Log
- What is a Vampire?
-,Who are the "True Vampires"?; or, The Evolution of the Meaning of...
- Why the Ouroboros Symbol?
- Why We Use the Term "Mundane"
- 'The Black Veil', v.1.0 Plus Information
- 'The Black Veil', v. 2.0 (a.k.a. The Thirteen Rules of the Community)
- 'The Black Veil', v. 3.0 Plus Information & History
- 'The Black Veil', v. 4.0 Plus Commentary
- From the Beginning to
- In Defense of Lifestylers
- Joining a House, Church or Other Organization
- On Forming Vampiric Culture and Lifestyle
- Rules of Thumb
- The Vampiric Subculture
- The Bond
- Chat with Katherine Ramsland
- Communion
- Funky AIM Conversation
- Getting It Together
- Honest Igor's Used Vampire Dealership
- "How You Can Find Out If You Are NOT A Vampire!"
- Naked After Dark: Interview with Lady CG
- On Learning and Vampiric Nature
- One Vampire's Prayer
- Review 2
- Review 1
- Review: A Preliminary Review of The Psychic Vampire Codex
- The Supremest High Vampire Council in the Whole World!
- To Feed
- Undead Technical Support Hotline
- The Vampire Purity
- We Aren't Mediaeval Folklore

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Всем доброго времени суток, ищу донора. Писать вк

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ищу НаСтоЯщЕГО вампира!

3 Black   [Материал]
это надо полагать заголовки оО )

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Эм...это содержание,а где сами статьи? :\

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